GuidingCare® Care Management

The GuidingCare Care Management (CM) platform helps you operationalize an evidence-based, person-centered care management strategy for your high-risk populations. Sophisticated data analytics, workflow management, care coordination and reporting capabilities enable your organization to address high-impact opportunities and maintain compliance every step of the way.


Identify and Target Your High-Risk Populations

GuidingCare CM includes GuidingSigns, a sophisticated data analytics and decision support engine that identifies and stratifies members based on expected risk to support highly targeted intervention programs.


Seamlessly Manage Clinical and Behavioral Health Needs

As an integrated care and disease management platform, GuidingCare incorporates clinically valid care planning content for more than 30 common and atypical health conditions.


Automate Care and Service Planning

Powerful care plan automation tools leverage a broad range of patient data – including risk scores, HRA and health screening results and other patient touchpoints - to proactively build and continually update a comprehensive care plan for each member.


Streamline Coordination Across Episodes and Settings

As the hub of an integrated solution suite, GuidingCare CM enables multi-disciplinary care teams within and across care settings to prioritize interventions, coordinate activities, communicate health status changes, close care gaps and improve health outcomes.

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