GuidingCare® Member Engagement Portal & Mobile App

The GuidingCare® Member Engagement Portal and companion Mobile Application empower consumers to become active participants in their health and wellness improvement efforts. As a component of the GuidingCare solution suite, the Member Engagement Portal and App seamlessly integrate data with other GuidingCare products to ensure members and caregivers can share relevant information, coordinate activities and communicate quickly and intuitively with their care teams.


Meet NCQA Guidelines for Member Self-Management

The Member Engagement Portal includes numerous functions designed to meet NCQA health plan guidelines for Member Self-Management (MEM). Users can view care plan goals and action steps, access their personal health record, track health and wellness data, complete HRAs and other health assessments, and more.


Facilitate Secure Messaging with Care Teams

Users can communicate securely with anyone on their designated care team, including their PCP (primary care provider), care managers, care coordinators, specialists, community health providers and other designated participants.


Support Caregiver Access

Caregivers such as close family members or friends who are authorized by the member can receive access to the Portal to help with care planning, appointment scheduling and more. Configurable access privileges ensure each caregiver sees only that information the member has consented to share.


Accelerate Engagement with One Platform for Mobile and Web

A single, converged codebase supports both the browser-based Portal and Mobile Application, allowing you to facilitate engagement wherever, whenever and however your members are most comfortable.

Engage your members on their health improvement efforts with tools that connect them when and where they choose. Let us show you how.