GuidingCare® QualityConnect

GuidingCare® Quality Connect is a population health management application that integrates quality and performance improvement analysis into your daily care coordination workflows. As an extension of the GuidingCare Community Portal, Quality Connect enables payers and providers to identify available gaps in care that have the highest impact on quality in performance-based reimbursement models.


Merge Performance Analytics with Daily Care Workflows

GuidingCare Quality Connect allows health plans, provider entities, individual clinicians and other quality-focused users to evaluate their performance across measure sets that are relevant to the populations they serve. Federal quality measures such as HEDIS and Star ratings, as well as state and custom measure sets, can be incorporated.


Quickly Address IP Admits and Other High-Impact Events

Quality Connect analyzes data from hospital and provider EMR systems, HIEs and other sources to identify event-driven care opportunities such as new hospitalizations or missed PCP appointments. Integrated workflow tools allow users to initiate Transitions-of-Care protocols, schedule appointments or member outreach, update care plans and more.


Integrate C-CDA Documents for Seamless Information Sharing

Quality Connect helps close the information gap between payers and providers by supporting the secure exchange of C-CDA files and other clinical documentation. By making it easy for clinicians to integrate documentation from their EMR system, Quality Connect helps broaden user adoption.


One Platform for All Population Health Initiatives

Quality management goals don't always overlap between payers and all providers across their network. Quality Connect is highly flexible, allowing measure sets, data sources, workflow support tools and other key aspects to be configurable for multiple types of users, programs and performance improvement initiatives.

Discover how GuidingCare™ Quality Connect can help you identify and close high-impact gaps across your organization.