Transformation:  (trans·for·ma·tion) – 1. the act or process of changing completely :  a complete change. 2.  to change (something) completely and usually in a good way.

Altruista Health defines transformation as our ability to enable DSRIP organizations to grow and provide the highest quality of care and services to their patients while reducing costs. We go beyond implementing technology; our approach to transformation involves standardizing and automating the policies, processes and procedures that guide caregivers to best practice evidence-based medicine and drive out the variability.

The Future of Healthcare is Here.

Healthcare is a major part of our lives. Yet healthcare providers and caregivers continue to struggle with getting patients engaged in their own care. We all know, the goal of population health management is to keep a patient population as healthy as possible, minimizing the need for expensive interventions such as emergency department visits, hospitalizations, imaging tests, and procedures. This necessitates new thinking, new business models and new technology. 

So we built a foundation around this vision - Altruista Health has spent years working with complex government populations and incorporated these same themes into our GuidingCare platform, new thinking, new technology and new business models; all with an eye towards bringing a transformed health care experience.

What Makes Us Different?

Guidance. Services. Technology.

Financial Performance—includes monitoring financial outcomes as well as providing ongoing guidance to course-correct.  Why? Because federal incentive programs like the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment demand that PPS’s rapidly clear a path to achieving a value-based performance culture.

Health Impact—monitoring the impact of your programs on the physical health, mental/emotional health, health behaviors, health status, and overall risk status of your population. Why? Because reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years requires persistence. 

Patient Participation & Engagement—measuring participation that includes overall program participation down to more finite measures, such as percentage of people who are eligible for a specific program and how many enroll, and the degree to which they participate.  Why? Because we know engagement changes outcomes.

Satisfaction—includes assessing both care provider and patient satisfaction with the program, and providing recommendations for specific aspects of satisfaction. Why? Because satisfied providers and patients affect clinical outcomes, patient retention, and financial incentives.

Productivity and Performance—any number of unnecessary manual processes can affect productivity in terms of time spent. We combine automation and web-based technology to impact both system and provider performance. Why? Because technology is only beneficial if it improves the quality of life for every individual it touches.

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