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Altruists talk about why they love their jobs

Altruista Health is one fast-growing, exciting place to grow a career and Altruists are happy to share what they find unique, engaging, challenging and exciting about their work. Whether it’s the competitive benefits and pay, a supportive and caring culture, the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies or the fabulous new office environments in Reston and Hyderabad, Altruists have plenty to say about why they love coming to work. Everyone seems to agree this is what happens when people come together around a worthwhile mission!


Elizabeth Raggio

Elizabeth likes many things about her job, and the physical work environment is one of them. Altruista moved into beautiful state-of-the-art offices in both the United States and India in 2018. They seem to create a positive work atmosphere employees appreciate.

“It makes a big difference to be able to come to such a bright and airy workplace,” she says, adding that the standing desks are a positive feature of the space. In her mind, “Altruista puts a good effort to provide benefits for its employees.”

She enjoys the fast pace, diversity in the organization and interacting with clients.

“One of the things I have enjoyed most about the culture of Altruista is the diversity,” she says. “It’s a fast-paced environment that requires you to be adaptable to changing at any minute, but there is reward for hard work and you are surrounded by a team of amazing people.”

She also cites the professional development the Altruista culture offers.

“From the top down, we are encouraged to constantly challenge the status quo and expand our knowledge through reading, training and seminars,” she says. “Personal and professional development is encouraged and opportunities are provided to allow this advancement.”

Elizabeth describes the leadership and management training sessions this way: “The trainings have aided in providing another perspective and learning to effectively communicate in tough situations.”

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