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Altruists talk about why they love their jobs

Altruista Health is one fast-growing, exciting place to grow a career and Altruists are happy to share what they find unique, engaging, challenging and exciting about their work. Whether it’s the competitive benefits and pay, a supportive and caring culture, the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies or the fabulous new office environments in Reston and Hyderabad, Altruists have plenty to say about why they love coming to work. Everyone seems to agree this is what happens when people come together around a worthwhile mission!


Harish Avula

Harish has been with Altruista for close to five years and has seen a lot of change and growth during that time.

“As an organization, we have matured a lot in process and policies,” he says. “When I joined Altruista, we had a very flat structure and did not have a roadmap for the role of project manager. Management has worked on that and we now have a defined career path for project management.”

He feels continually challenged and energized in the various roles he’s held at Altruista, and is especially enthusiastic about working on cross-functional teams.

“I have worked in engineering, product development, maintenance, implementation and upgrade projects,” Harish says. “Every assignment is a challenging and new thing to learn. Efforts are recognized and appreciated by management and client teams.”

He notes and appreciates recent efforts from the People Success Team to engage employees, saying that management is approachable and the environment is a healthy one.

What he likes best about working at Altruista is that it offers a “great product” and “provides the opportunity to learn new things.” In addition to hands-on learning, he’s enthusiastic about the more formal learning opportunities:

“In the last couple of years, Altruista has invested a lot in learning,” he says. “They have conducted many management and technical programs, and enabled LinkedIn Learning, which helps us deliver.”

What does he find different about Altruista from other cultures in which he’s worked?

“The major difference I can see is that approachable leadership and management team,” Harish says.

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