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Altruists talk about why they love their jobs

Altruista Health is one fast-growing, exciting place to grow a career and Altruists are happy to share what they find unique, engaging, challenging and exciting about their work. Whether it’s the competitive benefits and pay, a supportive and caring culture, the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies or the fabulous new office environments in Reston and Hyderabad, Altruists have plenty to say about why they love coming to work. Everyone seems to agree this is what happens when people come together around a worthwhile mission!


Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar believes that working for Altruista is part of a “noble cause” and that it motivates people to give their best.

“I feel it is an honor and privilege to work at Altruista,” he says, describing how GuidingCare provides value-based services to payers, providers and members.

He truly appreciates these aspects of the Altruista culture, which he describes as “outstanding.” He says Altruista:

  • Encourages innovative ideas/plans
  • Gives us the freedom toward ideas/goals
  • Has no micromanagement
  • Recognizes and rewards the best performances of individuals and teams

Praveen says that Altruista treats all its employees equally and recognizes its employees for their hard work. He enjoys the diverse backgrounds of his co-workers and finds the company friendly:

“Altruista organizes cultural activities quite often, so that all its employees get the chance to talk and mingle with other individuals and teams,” he says.

But he also appreciates the professionalism of his colleagues:

“Professionalism is the way you carry yourself, your attitude and the way you communicate with others,” he says. “Our co-workers are all professionals, which means they exhibit professionalism in their conduct.”

And he finds his surroundings conducive to a positive atmosphere.

“Altruista provides a beautiful workplace where there is a constant exchange of ideas, finding and capturing the right ideas from its employees.”

He feels supported by senior management.

“My observation is, our leadership team steps in when we are stuck somewhere and helps us resolve the issues,” he says. “This really helps us keep going rather struggling with issues.”

Praveen notes that some colleagues have said they miss being at work while everyone is working at home because of the pandemic.

“From this,” he says, “It is evident that the environment at Altruista is welcoming!”


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