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Cherie Reiter

Cherie finds the Altruista culture to be very different from other corporate cultures she’s experienced in a big way: “Altruista is the first company ever that listens to their employees and clients to better the company.” She goes on to describe the culture as diverse and inclusive.

She says she is happy to have the opportunity to work at Altruista and feels she is making a difference in people’s lives through the GuidingCare platform. As an account manager, she finds her reward in her customer being satisfied and “getting what they need from the GuidingCare platform when they need it to satisfy their members.”   

Her advice to any recruit or new employee is to work extremely hard and to know that it won’t go unnoticed. There’s an open door policy throughout the company. Cherie finds that the culture of pitching in really makes work enjoyable.

“There is not a person in the company who isn’t willing to take time out to help,” she says.



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