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Kishore Babu Kancharla

Kishore enjoys what he describes as the “unique” culture at Altruista Health, where he finds employees much more engaged than he’s seen in other corporate cultures. He’s proud of the way the company works with customers.

“The organization considers each client as its partner and works in a true partnership mode to make the client successful,” he says. “The top management walks the talk.”

He finds the atmosphere to be one of openness and support, especially as he has grown into a new role from working as a developer to a manager.

“The management is highly approachable,” he says. “They provide the required direction to the individuals so that the individual does not only grow professionally, but also personally. The behavior of the leadership team has helped me handle people and projects successfully when I was initially promoted to a lead.”

What does he say about diversity as candidates consider joining Altruista? He believes this is another unique aspect of the company’s culture:

“You get an opportunity to work with a lot of people from different demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, which helps you get different perspectives,” he says. “People agree to disagree in meetings, but once a collective decision is made, everyone in the organization follows it.”

Kishore cites both personal and professional growth and opportunity as some of his most valued work/life experiences at Altruista. He describes the people as “highly enthusiastic.”

“Altruista has a unique blend of culture and values that enhances an individual’s complete growth, both in terms of professionalism and personality,” he says. “The company’s vision of being altruistic is deeply rooted in all its policies and actions.”

He thinks highly of his colleagues and the receptive atmosphere.

“Altruista recruits top talent from the industry,” he says. “Right from hiring the fresh talent to leadership hiring, they are very particular about getting the best of talent from the industry. Altruista is one of the best places to be. Despite your position, experience or skill, every idea is appreciated.”


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