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Neelima Madisetty

Neelima Madisetty

Neelima respects the management at Altruista and feels they are respected as experts in the United States. She enjoys the culture and her colleagues very much.


It is fortunate to have a wonderful and knowledgeable team around me,” she saysMy colleagues are supportive and contribute a lot for the development of clinical content. They exercise professionalism in all aspects.


She has seen the company grow and change dramatically in her time aboard, as the company has “gained the trust of major insurance companies in the United States.”


In the journey of five years, I have witnessed tremendous growth in the organization in terms of technology and product innovation,” she says. “I am very much glad and accomplished as I am part of it. My journey with the company is amazing!


She values benefits the company provides, mentioning transportation at the India office, as many other Indian employees do.


The benefits here are outstanding in terms of thoughtfulness, value and effectiveness,” she says.


She describes her professional development and training this way.


I experienced professional growth as a clinical research analyst to becoming the senior clinical lead analyst,” she says“Our team was given opportunities to learn product enhancements and new tools. There is always room for learning and growth.


She would tell a recruit the following about joining the Altruista teamThe work environment is comfortable and most welcoming for the new hires,” she says.Within no time people start falling in love with this place because of the positive, flexible work environment and its diversity. Altruists are enthusiastic and fun-loving people. Positive vibes are present all over the place.


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