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Nisha Kurup

Nisha Kurup

Nisha sees great opportunity and feels valued in the corporate culture at Altruista.

“I find my work very interesting and was able to develop my skills on the job,” she says. “I was assigned to high-visibility projects and was able to engage with the user community from Day One. I was offered excellent career advancement opportunities and have been very well recognized for my efforts in the form of feedback and awards. The management team is actively engaged on the projects and has been very appreciative of my efforts.”

This kind of support is something she would point out to someone considering joining Altruista.

“At Altruista Health, your efforts will be very well recognized, and you will have an opportunity to advance your skills and grow your career,” she says.

She stays close to health plan members and finds it rewarding.

“I am much more closely engaged with the actual members using the product and am able to contribute to the community,” she says.

She echoes the sentiments of other staffers who appreciate the Altruista culture.

“Altruista Health is a friendly and dynamic workplace,” she says. “I’ve been able to make a lot of new friendships and thoroughly enjoy my time working here. The company is very family-oriented and offers a lot of flexibility that makes it easy to find work-life balance. The whole team is mission-driven and is very accessible.”

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