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Shreshta Mohanty

Shrestha Mohanty

Shrestha is a product analyst who sees her role this way“Our role is expected to be techno-functional,” she says.Cutting-edge technology know-how is a must for us to innovate the Altruista solution.


She believes she’s had exposure to technologies at Altruista that she might not have elsewhere.


Even though had an experience with web service-based projects elsewhere, the charm of application programming interface (API) engaged me at Altruista,” she says.


She respects and appreciates the values of leadership and the unique corporate culture at Altruista.

Management is every bit professional administering ethical and planned decision-making operations,” she says“I work with respectful and considerate colleagues who are committed to supporting thinking of every individual as an internal customer.”


She’s grown professionally in her time with Altruista and felt supported through training.


Altruista extended support to reimburse external workshops that benefit my role in the organization,” she says.


Here’s what she would tell someone just joining the Altruista team“I had a very pleasing onboarding and gratifying introduction by the HR team and that helped with a smooth transition,” she says. Altruists demonstrate an extremely amicable environment.

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