Altruista Health's business model includes a significant global presence which allows it to maximize its ability to provide customers with excellent service and value.  We recognize that sometimes customers require limits in how our global team is utilized. Therefore, for several years, Altruista Health has been diligently strengthening its enterprise-wide privacy and security safeguards to ensure we can meet all regulatory, contractual and customer expectations. This has enabled us to reduce risk and better govern how we support our customers’ state or federally-mandated offshore restrictions. As stewards of their data, we want our customers to be reassured that we are constantly vigilant and constantly seeking continuous improvement based on industry best standards and customer partnerships.  This includes working directly with the customer on innovative and jointly-enhanced security practices which ultimately benefit both organizations. If a federal or state contract requires imposing restrictions, this partnership helps both of us best determine how to comply in a way that balances our business model and their regulatory needs. To that end--to ensure our practices are sound--we are undergoing the HITRUST validated assessment and anticipate being Certified by late June, 2019. Based on assessor reviews and feedback, they are satisfied that we are effectively positioned to protect our customers' member data -- in the US and in our Hyderabad office. Moreover, now that we are nearing achievement of the HITRUST Certification, we are able to shift towards compliance and governance program maturity. This includes evolving customer restriction contractual compliance and global security controls and processes. 

Compliance Department. There are two ways to report:

If you want to report a compliance concern or it you have any questions regarding Altruista Health's Compliance program, please contact Altruista Health's Corporate.

Compliance Hotline: (855) 596-2492. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and callers may choose to remain anonymous. All calls will be treated confidentially and investigated.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct