Support a Patient-Centric Model of Care

GuidingCare Model

GuidingCare® is a complete care management platform for patient-centered care, offering health plans and provider organizations easy-to-use, next-generation data integration and workflow management tools that:

  • Streamline complex workflows
  • Facilitate coordination among medical, behavioral and community health resources
  • Accelerate quality improvement
  • Promote provider and patient engagement

Easy to Implement, Configure & Use

Our feature-rich GuidingCare platform is easy to integrate with your existing systems and highly customizable, yet simple enough for a wide range of staff to use daily.

  • SaaS-based integrated solution, designed to fit within your existing IT infrastructure
  • Accessible by multi-disciplinary care teams within and across care settings, fostering collaboration
  • Includes the best-in-class FICO Blaze Advisor business rules engine
  • Highly configurable tool to meet your organization’s specific needs

How Can GuidingCare Benefit Your Organization?

  • ACHIEVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Seamlessly manage the complex workflow needs of some of the most vulnerable populations.
  • ENHANCE QUALITY & COMPLIANCE: Quality and performance improvement support, and quality measures provide regulatory guidance.
  • IDENTIFY GAPS IN CARE: Identify, analyze, apply and automate best practices, and utilize multiple pathways to identify prospective gaps in care.
  • MAXIMIZE SOCIAL DATA: Collect and operationalize social determinants of health (SDoH) data. Assessments such as the PRAPARE screener are available out of the box.
  • LEVERAGE REAL-TIME DATA: Securely interface with EMR systems, HIEs and other data stores to support clinical decisions.
  • ENGAGE MEMBERS & PATIENTS: Connect with members using our mobile app and member portal, which integrate with our care, utilization and population health tools.