Altruista Health Announces Integration Partnership with Aunt Bertha_Press Release
Nov 28, 2017

Altruista Health Announces Integration Partnership with Aunt Bertha

November 28, 2017– Reston, VA – Altruista Health, Inc., an innovative provider of care management technology solutions for health plans and provider organizations, has partnered with Aunt Bertha to integrate their social services search and referral platform with Altruista’s GuidingCare® care management platform. The integration will allow GuidingCare users to find and make referrals for housing, food, employment, financial assistance and other local services directly from care plans and other areas of the GuidingCare system.  Additionally, care managers can track whether a member accepted a referral, monitor the member’s progress with these services and report on outcomes from within GuidingCare.

 “Social determinants of health are closely intertwined with financial risks and long-term health outcomes,” said Ashish Kachru, chief executive officer of Altruista Health. “Our partnership with Aunt Bertha will make it as easy as possible for health plans and providers to connect their members with the services they need, at the moment that need is recognized and the opportunity to positively impact that need is at its highest.”

Altruista Health’s GuidingCare platform is a suite of applications that enables health plans to manage their populations while reducing avoidable expenses and improving health outcomes. More than 16 million members are managed on the platform by health plans and provider organizations in over 35 states.

Aunt Bertha's search, referral and application software platform is used by hundreds of thousands of people across the United States including healthcare organizations, educational institutions and government programs. For organizations that help people navigate social needs, the advanced data capabilities of the Aunt Bertha platform provide instant access to comprehensive, localized listings with hundreds of programs in every ZIP code in the United States. The tools in the platform provide a more efficient, effective process to make and manage referrals.  

“We are very excited about our partnership with Altruista Health and the impact we can make together,” said Erine Gray, chief executive officer of Aunt Bertha. “When basic needs of members are met, health outcomes tend to be better and utilization of health services tend to be lower driving costs down. It’s a win-win for our customers and for their members.”


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