Altruista Health’s India Operations Move to New Location to Support Growth_News
Apr 23, 2018

Altruista Health’s India Operations Move to New Location to Support Growth

Altruista Health’s India operations have moved to a new location in the Hyderabad Financial District SEZ in the new GAR Laxmi Infobahn building. The new space spans 45,000 square feet and will support continued growth, which is expected to reach 40 percent in 2018.

The new space was designed with the Agile development concept in mind to support software and product development. The office features an open concept with smaller huddle spaces for impromptu meetings, as well as larger meeting rooms accommodating 20 people for presentations and planning sessions. Workstations are placed in clusters throughout the office to promote collaboration and the scrum process. The office is also filled with modern amenities, including a cafeteria, recreational areas for relaxed brainstorming and indoor landscaping to create a calming environment.

Altruista Health opened the operations in Hyderabad, India in 2010 and currently employes 270 team members in software and product development, project management, implementation, clinical, knowledge management and other administrative areas.


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