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During a pandemic year, Altruista maintains strong relationships with organizations that serve and advocate for nonprofit community plans on the front lines of the public health emergency.
Mar 11, 2021

Altruista Health Upholds Support For Community-Focused Health Plan Associations During Pandemic

Partnerships remain strong as ACAP and ACHP
advocate for hard-hit member plans

(Reston, Va.) – Altruista Health, a HealthEdge Company and the leading next-generation care management platform for health plans, said today it has renewed its partnerships with two leading health plan trade associations that specialize in community-based plans representing millions of Americans. During a pandemic year, Altruista finds it more important than ever to maintain strong relationships with organizations that serve and advocate for nonprofit community plans on the front lines of the public health emergency.

Altruista will continue as the exclusive Strategic Ally for care management applications with the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) this year. Altruista was an ACAP Preferred Vendor for six years, before achieving Strategic Ally status in 2019. The two organizations are entering their ninth year of serving ACAP plans together. ACAP plans represent not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans, serving more than 20 million enrollees. ACAP works to improve the health and well-being of lower-income and people with significant health needs, or both.

Altruista also has a multi-year relationship with the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) and is a Corporate Alliance Program Partner as the exclusive care management platform vendor. ACHP represents the nation’s top-performing nonprofit health plans to improve affordability and outcomes in the healthcare system. ACHP member companies are provider-aligned health organizations that provide high-quality coverage and care to tens of millions of Americans. ACHP member plans are deeply rooted in their communities.

About Altruista
Altruista Health, a HealthEdge company, delivers care management and population health management solutions that support value-based and person-centered care models. Its GuidingCare® technology platform integrates care management, care coordination, and quality improvement programs through a suite of sophisticated yet easy-to-use web applications. Health plans and healthcare providers use GuidingCare to transform their processes, reduce avoidable expenses, and improve patient health outcomes. Altruista is headquartered in the Washington, DC, metro area.

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HealthEdge provides modern, disruptive healthcare IT solutions that health insurers use to leverage new business models, improve outcomes, drastically reduce administrative costs, and connect everyone in the healthcare delivery cycle. Its next-generation enterprise solution suite is built on modern, patented technology and is delivered to customers via the HealthEdge Cloud or onsite deployment. In 2020, HealthEdge was acquired by Blackstone. HealthEdge’s product portfolio includes HealthRules Payor®, Altruista Health’s GuidingCare®, and Burgess Source®. Follow HealthEdge on Twitter @HealthEdge or on LinkedIn.

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