Jun 21, 2021

Altruista Partnership With Priority Health Draws Media Attention

Altruista Health’s successful collaboration with Priority Health and its parent company, Spectrum Health, drew media attention in Michigan recently, not surprising since Priority serves nearly all hospitals and providers in the state. The creation of the Authorization Portal as a means to reduce provider and health plan friction was lauded in MiBiz, a Michigan-based business publication. Altruista’s Mike McKitterick, EVP of Clinical Services, is quoted in the article, as is Ann Donnelly, Vice President of Care and Utilization Management, of Priority Health.

Based on early data from May, the article notes, Priority was able to remove about 20 items from its preauthorization list.

“As we continue to look at our data and identify what we might be able to turn off or move to auto-approvals, those times are going to come down,” Donnelly said.

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