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Ms. Manju from Ekal recently explained the organization's mission to the India team and received a check from Altruista CEO Ashish Kachru. The funds represented staff donations and a matching gift from Altruista Health.

Jul 14, 2019

Altruista Steps Up for Education of Poor Children in Rural and Tribal India

Altruista’s staff members in India have proven that they are true Altruists when it comes to supporting literacy for rural and tribal poor children. The team recently raised money for the Ekal Abhiyan, which educates children across India in one-teacher schools in remote villages.

Altruista staff in Hyderabad raised 250,000 rupees, which the company then matched for a total donation of 500,000 rupees ($7,258 USD). The local effort with Ekal Abhiyan is the first activity for Altruista’s Hyderabad Community Social Responsibility program for 2019.

The Ekal organization paraphrases the words of Swami Vivekananda about bringing schools and teachers directly to the children who can’t come to them. The program extends into areas where children are likely to have responsibilities at home and may not have placed much value on education before. The schools follow a curriculum that is designed to introduce a joyful and informal learning system that appeals to a previously unschooled population. Much of the teaching is accomplished through activities and story-telling. Classes meet six days a week, three hours a day, or in the evening, so youngsters can meet their family responsibilities. Classes focus on basic literacy, arithmetic, science, language (English and Hindi), health and hygiene, local skills and physical activities (yoga and play).

The Ekal model works economically because it has low overhead and involves villagers and many volunteers to make it work. In addition to working for a baseline level of education, the organization seeks to empower village communities for their own self-development.

Ekal Abhiyan is supported by the Vidyalaya Foundation of India (EVFI), which operates more than 81,112 Indian primary education schools, educating more than 2 million students with 83,000 and 6,000 volunteers. EVFI is part of a global initiative that works in 10 countries.

Several Altruists are planning to visit schools in their area so they can engage with the children personally and better understand their needs. To learn more about the organization:

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