Altruista Health Oxygen Concentrators Pooja India frame 3
Altruists and others raised $14,550 in a matter of days to support the purchase and shipping of oxygen concentrators like the one shown above to residents of Hyderabad, India. Altruistas parent company, HealthEdge, chipped in funds as well.
Jun 4, 2021

Altruista Health And HealthEdge Rally To Help In India’s COVID Crisis

Altruista Health employees in the United States and India rallied to “Help India Breathe in the Spring of 2021 as the COVID-19 crisis in India spiraled out of control. They partnered with the Hyderabad-based Ananda Foundation to import oxygen concentrators from the United States, gathering financial contributions from Altruista and HealthEdge staff and others. Collectively, they donated $14,550 to the effort in a matter of days. Altruistas parent company, HealthEdge, also donated funds to the cause. In the end, the effort led to the importation of 30-plus oxygen concentrators.

Altruistas Pooja Dubey, senior account manager, started the grassroots fundraising, supported by Altruista President Ashish Kachru, and HealthEdges Corporate Counsel, Jenifer Brown, and Laura Tomaino, Senior Vice President of People & Culture. Pooja worked on the very complex and time-consuming effort to arrange the procurement and transportation of medical-grade machines through multiple shipping companies to India.

HealthEdge CEO Steve Krupa thanked Pooja and the others who contributed for their resourcefulness:

“This is a commendable way to support our colleagues and their communities, he said. “As we look ahead, HealthEdge will continue to support humanitarian relief organizations that are coordinating the delivery and distribution of supplies and who are well-equipped to manage the many logistics involved.

More praise poured in from the Ananda Foundation, the non-governmental organization in Hyderabad that is coordinating storage and distribution of the machines.

“A heartfelt thanks from Ananda Foundation to all of you who worked in many ways and sent your best wishes toward this endeavor, said Seetha Anand of the Ananda Foundation.

Seetha highlighted Poojas accomplishments on social media. “The way she handled operational challenges, along with human emotions, speaks volumes (about) her leadership skills, Seetha said.