Altruista Health Honors Neelima Madisetty During Nurses Week_News
The best part of being a nurse is that every day is a new beginning and a great learning experience. 
Neelima Madisetty
Senior Clinical Research Lead
May 6, 2019

Altruista Health Honors Neelima Madisetty During Nurses Week

Neelima Madisetty is a senior clinical research lead at Altruista's Hyderabad, India, office. She graduated from NIMS in Hyderabad and has been with Altruista for five years.

Why did you go into nursing?
I stepped into the nursing profession purely by chance, but soon realized this was my true calling. Nursing made me a new person, and my perception of understanding and judging things changed completely. I have been lucky to advocate for patient care in different settings, such as in an intensive care unit, emergency care, psychiatric unit,  and at health camps and primary healthcare centers. The best part of being a nurse is that every day is a new beginning and a great learning experience.

How has your role as a nurse changed since you've been in nursing?
My career undertook a huge transformation from being a nurse at the hospital to becoming a lead clinical research analyst. I have held various roles during this transformation, including that of clinical instructor, nurse educator, associate and assistant professor, and clinical research analyst.

What inspires you the most in your day-to-day work?

The clinical, analytical and workflow needs that are critical to effective care coordination inspire me the most. Dr. Khaneja’s vision and innovative ideas in healthcare and Dr. Farhana’s perspective in achieving those goals keeps my spirits up and helps bring out my best.

How do the mission and/or values of Altruista support your nursing career?

By providing proactive care to members through stratifying at-risk individuals based on known algorithms. We also create algorithms, ensuring that the preventive action is taken to intervene well before the onset of symptoms. We accomplish this by running appropriate scripts on member, and creating new scripts based on member and client needs. Altruista creates awareness of healthy lifestyles among the communities we serve through the creation and update of educational health content. We research and develop clinical content to construct, support and enhance the functioning of the modules on our application.