I find it most satisfying to help the IT team understand the clinical business need of the users.

Poornima Leela Uppandla
Senior Clinical Research Lead

May 6, 2019

Altruista Health Honors Poornima Leela Uppandla During Nurses Week

Poornima Leela Uppandla is a senior clinical research lead at Altruista Health's Hyderabad, India office. She has a master's degree in psychiatric nursing and joined Altruista in 2013.

Why did you go into nursing?
I like to help people! As a nurse I enjoyed coordinating and delivering patient care in different settings. I also oversaw the research program and was a nursing instructor.

How has your role as a nurse changed since you’ve been in nursing?
From practicing at bedside, my role has now transformed into working with the technology team to deliver essential features in GuidingCare® that our clients use for care management. I find it most satisfying to help the IT team understand the clinical business need of the users.

What inspires you the most in your day-to-day work?
I am lucky to work with two teams now, the clinical research and the HEDIS teams. While I get to do quality research and innovate as part of the clinical team, I can help translate that research into product development as a HEDIS clinical SME in the HEDIS technical scrum team. Working with colleagues from varied backgrounds and validating a feature that we have developed from A to Z is most inspiring. Each day is a new learning experience! I would like to thank Dr. Khaneja, Hemant Lanjewar, Dr. Raina and Dr. Farhana Kauser for being my wonderful mentors. I also extend my thanks to my fellow teammates for their constant support. 

How do the mission and/or values of Altruista support your nursing career?
Altruista’s mission is to build the best-in-class, clinically relevant health IT systems that facilitate proactive delivery of care and raise awareness of healthy lifestyles within the communities we serve. Promotion of health and prevention of illness are also the very tenets of nursing. I am proud to be able to contribute to the world-class healthcare solution that GuidingCare is, one which is grounded on clinical best practices and evidence-based research.