GuidingCare Achieves NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidation_Press Release
Oct 17, 2018

GuidingCare Achieves NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidation

Altruista Health, Inc., an innovative provider of care management technology solutions, today announced that its GuidingCare® platform (Version 8.7+) has achieved NCQA Prevalidation for Population Health Management (PHM) in Health Plan Accreditation. The review process included a rigorous evaluation of GuidingCare’s Population Health Management functionality.

NCQA’s Population Health Management Prevalidation reviews population health management tools, data integration tools, risk stratification tools, care management systems tools and other related health technology solutions providing functionality that completely meet or support factor-level requirements within applicable NCQAPopulation Health Management in Health Plan Accreditation Standards.

Effective Oct. 10, 2018, health plans and other organizations using GuidingCare will benefit from reduced burden for health plan accreditation, population health program accreditation, managed behavioral health organization accreditation or case management accreditation elements designated as eligible for automatic credit or plan support. Altruista Health will supply detail on autocredit elements and plan support factors on request.

“We are very proud of achieving Population Health Management Prevalidation for GuidingCare,” said Altruista Chief Medical Officer Munish Khaneja, MD. “This prevalidation significantly reduces the administrative resources health plans need to expend for their own NCQA accreditation and requirements, and affirms Altruista is meeting the highest of standards that we have set for the application.”

The NCQA prevalidation program is distinct from existing NCQA Certifications and Accreditations. NCQA created the prevalidation program to identify electronic health record systems, population health management tools and other related technology solutions that have functionality that helps practices, health plans and other organizations meet certain accreditations and requirements. 

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