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May 8, 2019

Real-world SDOH Strategies

When it comes to addressing SDOH barriers in MLTSS populations, plans need a strong handle on state regulations, community partners and the needs and wishes of members. Your plan may have a game plan, but is it ready for surprises? Join our webinar to discover how a fellow MLTSS plan designed a multi-state SDOH strategy, had its assumptions challenged and developed compelling data that can inform your MLTSS objectives. 

Presenters from CareSource will reveal who emerged as their strongest allies, what members really wanted but wouldn’t ask for, and the surprising ways regulators in various states reacted to the CareSource strategy.


Karin VanZant, MPA, VP, Executive Director, Life Services at CareSource
Christina Turner, MS, MBA, Chief Clinical Officer, CareSource
Erine Gray, MPA, Founder and CEO of Aunt Bertha
Munish Khaneja, MD, MPH, FACP, Altruista Health

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