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Jul 26, 2018

Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) Member Spotlight

Ashish Kachru (YPO Washington DC) is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altruista Health, a healthcare technology company that focuses on creating innovative clinical analytics and care-coordination solutions. In this role, Ashish has successfully led the evolution of the organization from a start-up to expanding business in 35 U.S. states with more than 15 million patients under management. Read more about Kachru’s journey below!
What have you enjoyed most about your experience in the healthcare business industry?
The ability to help people realize better health outcomes is truly rewarding. I have enjoyed leaning into my experience from other industries to drive positive change in the healthcare business sector. It has been a gratifying journey towards a great cause of improving health outcomes for patients. The opportunity to impact health outcomes at scale through technological innovations is invaluable.  
Tell us a little bit about Altruista Health and how you successfully led the evolution of the organization from a start-up to expanding business in 35 U.S. states with more than 15-million patients.
Altruista Health connects the healthcare community in one fully integrated platform to manage the continuum of care for the most complex to healthier populations. The platform is largely focused toward risk bearers, primarily the health insurance companies with many health systems now taking on risk as well. Our platform provides these entities with predictive analytics to forecast potential high cost outcomes, as well as, gaps in care to improve a patient’s care. This, connected with our intelligent workflow system, enables the various stakeholders involved in patient care to drive better health outcome together especially for patients dealing with complex conditions. The evolution of the organization has been largely successful by focusing on the complex problems that our clients need help in solving with their patients. The goal is to provide innovative solutions to these complex challenges. Every day since Altruista Health’s inception has been a new day with a new opportunity to do something different to drive positive change.  
What has been your greatest takeaway/key learning to date?
I started my career in industries that were consumer driven and walked into the business side of healthcare which is regulated and largely driven by government, payors and providers. For this industry to be efficient, like other industries, it would need to metamorphize to be consumer driven which is tremendously complex to achieve. Every day is a new challenge and provides a new learning opportunity for me.
In what ways has your engineering background helped you in the healthcare industry?
My engineering background, combined with my deep six sigma black belt process oriented expertise, allows me to look at healthcare with a fresh perspective, and transfer best practices from other industries to benefit healthcare. Engineering is rooted in solving deep complex problems which translates in some ways into solving deep complex healthcare issues that are at the crux of consuming the most amount of costs and resulting in poor outcomes for patients.
What advice can you share with other members [who are in a similar situation/who want to learn more/who are thinking of making a change/other]?
The experiences that one accumulates within any industry/area are generally applicable to other industries and areas. It is however, very important to realize that different industries do not function the same. For you to be relevant, you should first take time to understand the nuances of the new vertical. Then find an opportunity that provides some hands-on experience within that vertical. This, combined with having the tenacity to see your journey through, is the advice I would extend to anyone looking to make a change.
What are you hoping to accomplish within the next six months to a year?
Altruista Health is on a path to provide solutions to fundamentally transform the delivery of care from a reactive model to a more proactive one. We are on a journey to reach greater heights in accomplishing this transformation through the growth of managed membership/patients on our GuidingCare® platform which is on track to grow from managing 16 million member/patients to 38 million by the end of this year.
How has YPO helped you in your career?
YPO, with the largest network of chief executives, is an amazing membership-based organization, providing peers the opportunity to experience and learn from one another. Each member wants to give their best for the benefit of the entire community. The forum experience is an incredible vehicle to get feedback in a very trusting environment, when there are generally no other vehicles for feedback at the top most leadership position. The business and personal resources that are available to the members are unparalleled, that, combined with the amazing experiences YPO network and chapter provide for an individual and their respective families is truly amazing.

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