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Andrew An

Andrew An

 Andrew says that all of his co-workers have extensive knowledge in their respective fields. “I truly appreciate the willingness of each individual to share their knowledge,” he says. “It is as simple as asking how something works. They will provide a detailed answer.”

He also finds that diversity is a plus in the Altruista culture.

“Having the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds allows work to be more interesting and enjoyable,” Andrew says. “There are times when I would have never thought of a particular perspective if not for the diversity of the company.”

Echoing the comments of many other Altruists, Andrew says that the people are a major part of enjoying his job at Altruista.

“Everyone is very encouraging and strives for success, regardless of the position of the employee, from co-workers to executives,” he says. “I think this creates a very positive atmosphere here at Altruista, and promotes a very healthy culture I am proud to say I am part of.” 

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