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Naga Saranya

Naga Saranya

Naga explains how she is challenged and rewarded in her work with Altruista.


I have been part of the product almost from the initial phases of the development,” she saysFrom the time of my joining. I have been into different modules and different client implementations/production support, which have improved my functional, behavioral and presentation skills.


She likes the culture as well as the physical attributes of the Hyderabad office space.


Altruista’sculture is very welcoming and employee-friendly, especially for those who would like to work hard, have fun in the workplace and take pride in whatever work they do,” she says.This new spacious office will always come first for me, with game zone to relax and the lounge area with its beautiful view of the sunset and greenery.


She adds that she sees good training opportunities for app developers and management teams.

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