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Suresh Kalakonda

Suresh enjoys the culture at Altruista and has words of praise for his colleagues. He finds them to be approachable and that this makes everyone feel valued.

“My co-workers encourage knowledge-sharing in the workplace,” he says. “I feel that people at Altruista Health are very supportive, positive and productive.”

He likes the way everyone stays focused on work, but that there are opportunities for fun also. He notes that the events at work are just one perk he appreciates.

“I have friends who also work at IT companies,” he says. “I think that the perks provided by Altruista Health are the best.”

He’s in his first position with Altruista and has been promoted to an administrative role in human resources.

“This shows the advancement of an employee within the organization,” he says. “When the right talent is identified, timely promotion is practiced for deserving and skilled employees. This promotion made me inspired and motivated to continue doing better work.”

Suresh appreciates that Altruista is an environment that promotes training and education.

“There are countless opportunities to develop skills and go forward in one’s career,” he says, noting that the human resources team helped him understand the concepts of employee engagement and continuous employee development. He also attended a session on resourcing that he found informative, enjoyable and educational.

Two of Altruista core values he sees in action every day: integrity and diversity.

“The culture at Altruista is flexible, open and it has highest levels of integrity,” he says. “The diversity here increases creativity among the team members and inspires all the employees to perform to their highest ability.”

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